Friday, December 30, 2011

Favorite News Stories - 2011

My favorite tech-related news stories of the year:

The year of nature web cams
This was the year that watching nature via web cam caught my attention.  My favorite story was of Violet and Bobby, the red-tail hawks at NYU.  Watching Violet continue to sit after all experts said that the egg wasn't viable was heart-touching.  And when Pip hatched on Mother's Day, it was a "wow" moment.  And there were others:  the wonderful Decorah, Iowa eagles next, a hummingbird in Hawaii, and the Roosevelt Arch camera from the Yellowstone Association.  I am so amazed that I can go to the computer and watch wildlife, live, up-close and in natural settings.

Young people and meaningful messages
Meaningful personal stories shared by young people using YouTube as the medium really touched me this year.  Zach Wahls and Ben Breedlove had a lot to say about life and living it well, with open hearts and open minds.

People and gadgets
This was the year that iPads really took off, and iPhones and Droid smart phones became pervasive around campus.  The willingness to carry a gadget everywhere you go surprises me.  The guru of understanding the connection of people and technology, Steve Jobs, passed this year.  The story of his life was like a walk down my own tech memory lane.